My DISqualifications


October 2016

(Why I’m a Total   Rookie)

I really have no business blogging. Not if you put me up against any degree of an expert, thought leaders, or, well, anybody with over 8 months of experience in their subject matter. I’ve really & truly only just begun. Never gone full-speed-ahead in pursuit of my creative dreams, never had any formal art training (minus one life-changing class in college), never been a blogger, never put anything at all about myself online, ever, & hell— I’ve never even really had my sh!+ together until this year. (Ready to exit the page yet?)

But, all that aside, there is one thing that I have gotten right after so many years of missing the boat. I’ve finally refused to let anything get in the way of me building my dreams. Not my completely “unqualified” rookie status. Not the fact that I (still) have no idea what I’m doing, in the worlds of blogging or art. Not my chronic fear of exposing my dreams & my inner thoughts to the public. Nothing at all… The former era is over, no longer will I get in my own way… I am but a rookie, but I am going rogue.

Just be a little more clear, though, on who exactly I am… I’ve never been known as the “example” anything, I’m not status-quo compliant or Emily Post-approved, & I’m definitely not here to be politically correct. I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum, questioned things when others didn’t, & refused to follow the crowd just because everyone else was. I’m here to be me & do life my way, & if that involves the breaking of some rules or the ruffling of some feathers, so be it. Just comes with the territory of being me.

Much of what I write about is me finding my way through this obstacle course called life, maybe just like you are. I’m just another imperfect person-in-progress, but now with a dream that’s finally in progress. I’m learning as I go, & I’m sharing as I grow, attempting to smooth out the rough edges as I move along & solve the question marks as I get to them.

I don’t know where I’m ultimately headed with this creative dream-building venture. I don’t have an exact end-goal or a clear destination in mind, but I’m going rogue anyways. I know I’m on the right track, & I’ve learned that that’s all I need to know for now.

I can’t see too far ahead, but that’s not stopping me from taking the leap. I’ve learned that sometimes, the only way to move forward is without a map, with nothing but blind faith & a shaky, unsure step (or a terrifying leap). So here I am, just as I am, rookie status & all. And here I go, the “where” & “how” I no longer need to know. I’m rattling, but I’m rolling. This is my dream, as it unfolds. This is me GOING ROGUE.

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