I believe in REBELLION.

Against anything that holds you back in life.


I believe in DISRUPTION.

Positive Disruption.

The kind that breaks the systems that tell you No

(I wish my paralytic beliefs had been disrupted sooner,

but then again, it was up to me to opt-out all along).


I believe in GUTS.

In doing what scares you.

Daring to defy fear is a non-negotiable for breakthrough.


I believe staunchly in independence.

Not only can you do it on your own, but

only you can do it, & you’re on your own.

It’s all up to you. Every bit of it. You & you alone.

Your dream, your deal.


I believe in standing out,

& that uniqueness is a treasure.

Status quo?

Hell no.

Not for this misfit.


I believe in finding the comedy in the calamity,

& in manufacturing hope in its organic absence.


I believe blindly.

Because that’s the only way forward when you’re lost.

And the best path I’ve ever taken

was one I could never see.


I believe in me.

(My dreams die if I don’t.)

And I believe that You

should believe in You



I believe that I had to build this blog for some reason.

Hopefully for many reasons.

Hopefully for many people.

Hopefully for many dreams.


I hope that this inspires you to revive your reverie,

Because it’s only as alive as you (choose to) make it,

And it can be as big & beautiful as you’re willing to build it.


It’s waiting on you. So don’t wait on it any longer.

It’s all up to you. You & you alone. Your choice.

Now’s the time. It’s your turn. Take it.


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