(Flashback) Pre-Blog Premonition?


I ran across this writing the other day, from a year & a half before this blogging mission ever took root. Seems like I was just on the verge of epiphany then. Just at the cusp of realizing exactly the kind of boundary-free platform I sought, something I even said I would "have to build"... It basically describes a blog to a tee, but it makes no mention of such a notion.

So, looking back now, I wonder. Was it a premonition of my future undertaking, a year & a half ahead of time? Or is it evidence that the dream that's now in progress could already be a year & a half underway, if only I'd dug my heels in & gone rogue then like I did just a few months ago?

What could've been = we'll never know... (But I sadly suspect the latter.)

Don't wait. Dig your heels in. Do it now. GO ROGUE.

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