Unrelated Madness

Unrelated Madness

The growing case against my own mental soundness,

shared in the spirit of shameless self-disclosure.


Swami Shopping

I sent this image to a few friends earlier today.

It had been sent to me a week ago by my "spirit lady", a cherished soul who is my go-to for all things mystical & other-worldly (an incurable curiosity of mine in recent years). I'd been anticipating this upcoming cosmic event all week, curious to see how "the Universe" might use it to meddle with us mortals. I'd chatted about it with friends, & even advised one of them that it was time to make the move on his new love interest, b/c "the sh!+ was lining up, up there".

And then came today, the day of the blood moon. I wasted no time sending the advisory image out to remind everyone to "Get ready! Cuz the Universe says "It's ON today!"

Not 2 minutes after my texts hit the airwaves was I made aware of my complete oversight, illustrated quite visibly by the date printed loud & clear on the image that I'd just circulated, 2015. The blood moon was a damn year ago!  Upon my initial state of disbelief, I googled for clarification, only to confirm my own blunder...

To think, this whole week has been an exercise in cosmic buffoonery! There I was out running around making my blood moon declarations, duping my poor friends just like a false prophet! (not in the intentional trickery sense, just in the failure to fact-check before putting second-hand cosmic advisories on blast sense.) The only proper course of action after I regained composure from the fit of laughter that ensued was an apology tour, text message style. Round 2 of my cosmic campaign to the ill-advised friends impacted by my latest mishap read as follows:

Sh!+ sorry for the oversight! Please disregard all cosmic advice of the past week!

My swami must've gotten her wires crossed when she sent me that pic...

Know anybody else in the biz? It may be time to shop around...

Now I'm wondering, was my last reading actually a re-hash of last year ?  Time for some more fact-checking...

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