Updated November 1, 2017 (1 year after website launch)

Class clown, chronic nonconformist, & creative rebel, I'm not here to follow or apologize. I’m cutting my own trail, I write my own rules, & I'm here to help you reignite your dreams with my mashup of creative madness & insight from my own dream-launching journey. This is a mix of light bulb moments, tell-it-like-it-is-style truth bombs, & positive disruption from a spunky misfit soul on a hellbent mission to get through to people in a positive way. I write, create, share to help people that are in the shoes I was in (stuck in a rut) to get themselves to a better place (dreams underway).

Are you feeling stuck? Born to do more, but don’t know what, where, or how? That was me, for 7 years. I’d been at a long-term standstill with a heap of bad habits, out-of-order priorities, & a buried dream… Until February 2016, when I got sick & tired enough of it to disrupt my own rut. I started what became an internal revolution with just an ounce of guts, a willingness to change, & two little words: what if?  

I believed, took action, & blind faith delivered. I knocked, & doors of opportunity opened. I had no map, but I made one shaky move, after another, after another. And that’s when evvvverything began to change. My breakthrough season began...

I put myself under major mindset reconstruction, demo-ing & rebuilding patterns, habits, perspective, everything. And, with a hellbent/(stubborn) determination, I started taking action towards where I wanted to be. I looked within, I reached out, & most importantly—I got back in step with The Man Upstairs (the only one with the master plan). I went into full-on dream revival mode & told myself repeatedly, “whatever it takes”. There was nothing behind me that wouldn’t completely re-stall me if I turned back, & the future I’d always wanted was finally within grasp. There was no other option but full steam ahead, figure-it-the-hell-out. And so I did.

In less than a year, I totally flipped the script: from hot mess express to a Rookie en route. I got my rusty old dream off the cinderblocks & rolling again. And it’s been the single best thing I’ve ever done in my life, hands down. Completely life-altering, in all the best ways.

Since my breakthrough season officially began in February 2016, I’ve since built this website & blog (launched 11/1/16), successfully completed my first ever solo art exhibit (April 2017), & started putting my work & thoughts into the world on social media for the first time ever (Fall 2017). The nitty-gritty self-work has continued through every day of this journey, as has my daily alignment with The Man Upstairs, who’s responsible for everything good that I am, have, create, & do. (Big ups Jesus!)

The past year & a half has been one of elbow grease, strict self-discipline, making the right  sacrifices, constant self-steering & a whole lotta “figure it out on your own, as you go”. And it’s also been one of massive progress, real purpose, & first-time-ever’s that I felt I did really, really right for the first time in my life. All the good that’s come as a result of all the relentless work makes it more than worth the grit & the grime of it. It’s my gas to continue on this never-ending grind.

This journey has stretched me, challenged me, grown me up, made me a drastically better human being than I was before, expanded my heart, shrunk my ego, & shown me just how much I can do when priorities are on point & focus is dead-locked. And I gotta say, it’s a little mind-blowing. And it fills me with gratitude… I now know firsthand what I wish more than anything I could help others understand. And that’s exactly why I write.

I write to share what I’ve learned & what’s helped me, in hopes that it helps someone else somehow. I do what I do to pay back the massive blessing of having my own shot at a breakthrough & to pay back all the good that’s come my way. My ultimate aim is to help people to help themselves  to get from stuck to started & to reignite their own buried dreams or dormant callings. If that sounds like you, then I wrote this for you. This is your sign.

Now is your time. It’s your turn.

Take it. GO ROGUE.

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Random  Rookie  Tidbits...

When I'm not writing, creating, telling somebody somewhere what to do, or daydreaming about ruining my career as a waitress in an epic & unforgettable blaze of glory, I'm usually bingeing on fortune cookies, hip hop, or GaryVee, or I’m pondering the spirit world & puzzling over whatever cryptic “sign” they’ve most recently sent me. (the 11/1 blog launch date was no coincidence, by the way)

I naturally skew way more feisty-fierce than I do “namaste” on the personality spectrum, & I used to be a free-spirited jam band-junkie, but I went somewhat to the dark side a few years back via my own personal punk revolution (hip hop is always my number 1 though). My inspirations are totally unpredictable & there's no telling what might spark my next creative undertaking, from junkyard-scouring to palm-reading to Lil Wayne.

The end-all-be-all “dream” is still not crystal clear right now. But it doesn’t need to be. I know as much as I need to at the moment. The rest will reveal itself when need be as long as I keep moving ahead on my path. I have a general idea though. I do know my future involves the title CEO without the shadow of a doubt. Entrepreneurship is so in me & in my gut that there’s no way it couldn’t be part of my destiny. Just no way. I am & have always been obsessed with it. From being a kid in 2nd grade hustling pens in the classroom, to the high school cake & dessert venture that had me peddling homemade cookies outta my backpack, in the school lunchroom, & to everyone in the neighborhood, to the hemp jewelry & T-shirts I peddled to pay for tickets while following a jam band around in college, to the second big handmade jewelry venture, to ticket scalping, sidewalk vending, reading palms for drinks at the bar-- it's just a constant. The hustle is strong with this one! I love all things “business”. I’m obsessed with it, I can’t get enough of it, & I’d really like to be around it more on a regular basis somehow to learn about it more, but haven’t figured out how to pull that off just yet. I just know that it’s in my future. (& I can’t wait!)

As of 11/1/17, that’s a wrap-up of where I’m at now. This journey is ever-evolving, I’m along for the ride wherever my path takes me, & I’m in it for the long-haul. So stay tuned, cuz there’s noooo telling what this Rookie might be up to next! And much much thanks for spending your precious time on my words.