Positive Propaganda:

Heroes, Podcasts, Books, Videos, Etc. that have helped me on my journey

Seth Godin - author, speaker, world-renown daily blogger, marketing expert, & epic inspirer

*Book: What To Do When It's Your Turn - if you’re currently directionless, this book is a great starting point, it struck the inspirational match for me & also helped inspire my blogging mission

Podcast Interview about book: What To Do When It’s Your Turn

Video, Q & A: Seth Godin and Nido Qubein 

Steven Pressfield - author (& my Mr. Miyagi of internal creative warfare, thanks to the below book)

*Book: The War of Art - a mind-morpher I use every day. Helps you bust through hidden roadblocks to make real ground on any creative project/endeavor, including just moving forward in life in general. Basically, it shows you how to get out of your own way. If you're in creative quicksand & can't figure out why you're not moving forward, then this is the book for you. It's a dream-saver.

Gary Vaynerchuk - (my biggest living hero) entrepreneur & social media maverick who preaches hustle, empathy, & gratitude. He's a motivational kick in the ass who's impacted my life in SUCH a massive way! If you need to hustle harder, check your perspective, or be a kinder human (& don't mind straight talk or colorful language), he's your guy. More business-oriented, but still great all-around. This dude = my jetfuel.

John Gray - Part pastor, part stand-up comedian, he delivers humor, faith, truth bombs, & super-charged messages with his incredible gift. If you need a word from The Man Upstairs, listen up, you'll get one here.

Video: Dreams & Ladders

Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill (book) - big perspective-inducer illuminating the opposing forces that distract us & keep us from moving forward in life, great mindset-boosting book to help push through setbacks

John St. Julien - former drug addict from the UK who followed his spiritual sign (1111) to Tanzania Africa & started a charity (Share Tanzania) there from scratch a few years ago. He's impacted hundreds of kids' lives & is such an inspiration. He shares his charity & his journey & much spiritual wisdom via his YouTube vlog.

Your Creative Push - Podcast, good variety of episodes for all kinds of creatives

Marie Forleo - multi-passionate entrepreneur & life coach, her mission is to help you become who you most want to be & create a life you love

Iyanla Vanzant - author, speaker, & spiritual life coach

Vishen Lakhiani - mindfulness & personal development innovator

Article from The Mind Valley Academy Blog: Manifest Your Dreams By Challenging Your Beliefs

Brian Tracy - expert on goal-reaching & personal and business development

Eat That Frog! - great book on procrastination & time management strategies (it helped me a LOT)

Joel Osteen - super positive faith-based messages to inspire hope, faith, & big dreams

Video: Remember Your Dream

Video: Ask Big

Video: Step Into The Unknown

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