I’m an inevitably creative nonconformist who's obsessed with business & loves the hustle. I make unorthodox creations by repurposing materials in defiance of what they were originally meant to be. I’m always reinventing something, either myself or the things around me. And I’m always undertaking a new first-time-ever project, making me a perpetual Rookie.

Freedom is my oxygen, imagination is my gas, & the status quo is the enemy. MacGuyvering is my only technique. In life & in art. It’s all figure-it-out-as-I-go here. Zero formalities. All rogue.

Why “rogue”? My path is one there's no pre-written map for. In 2016, I upended my life to disrupt my long-term rut, revive my lost callings, & get my life on track (more on that below). I’ve been instinctively cutting my own trail to the future I want ever since. Navigating this mysterious journey is tricky, because my exact end-goal is still foggy. But I do know it involves entrepreneurship & creativity, without a doubt, & it won’t be ordinary (& definitely not status-quo compliant). Every move I make is sourced from a mix of gut, curiosity, & spiritual guidance. And every inch of progress is fueled by my all-consuming drive to get closer to living this foggy future dream of mine.


In October 2018, I left my home of 12 years (& the beach!) & moved to Birmingham, AL to exit my comfort zone & be at a hub of entrepreneurship, the thing I love most. Why? I want to learn about entrepreneurship firsthand by working for someone doing what I will one day do— have a creative company or build a unique brand from the nitty gritty ground up, blood, sweat, heart, & all.

*If you’re an entrepreneur in the Birmingham area & that sounds like you— please email me (link below), I’d love to hear about what you do! Whether you need a full-time employee, some extra help a few hours a week, or even a willing intern (nothing’s off the table here!), please reach out & let’s see if I might be a fit for what you need.

WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE FOR?  (More on my Life change)

I created this website to document & share the transformational journey I began in Feb. 2016, when I got miserable enough to disrupt my 7-year rut, remodel my life, & redirect my trajectory. I’d been on hitting repeat on my daily dead-end routine for years, perpetuating my recurring loop of bad habits & backwards priorities. The non-stop drinking & partying had completely drowned out my dream, calling, gifts, & I didn’t slow down enough to realize it until misery stepped in & forced me to. I took 10 days off work to diagnose, disassemble, demo, & start rebuilding my life. That’s when my breakthrough season began. And thankfully, nothing has been remotely the same since.

Since then, it’s been my mission to do whatever it took to get myself from stuck to started & headed towards the kind of future I really wanted. I had no idea how to at first, but bit by bit, with gritted teeth, & hellbent determination, I started finding my way.

I put myself under major mindset reconstruction, I reached out & a few kind souls presented opportunities, I found virtual heroes to help me through (Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk), & I got back in step with The Man Upstairs. There was nothing behind me that wouldn’t completely derail me if I turned back, so there was no other option but full steam ahead, figure it the hell out… And I did.

In the time since, I’ve  totally rebuilt my life, created this website & blog (launched 11/1/16), done my first ever solo art exhibit (April 2017), started sharing my work on social media for the first time ever (Fall 2017), & become a full time online reseller (October 2018).

It’s been a purpose-driven era of self-work, dream-work, progress, & things I did really, really right for the first time in awhile. This journey has stretched me, challenged me, grown me up, made me a drastically better human being than I was before, expanded my heart, shrunk my ego, & shown me just how much I can do when priorities are on point & focus is dead-locked. My turnaround fills me with gratitude & makes me want one for other people in my former shoes. And that’s why I write. To pass along what I’ve learned myself & from others to help others help themselves  disrupt their own rut, get from stuck to started, & reignite their own drowned-out dreams. If that sounds like you, then I wrote this for you.

Now is your time. It’s your turn.

Take it. GO ROGUE.

Thank so much for spending your time with my words & on my website.

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