85 Days Vs. 7 Years

A visual reminder I have hanging on my own inspiration wall at home

Oct. 20, 2016

I just retraced the timeline of my journey this year.

And I’m just plain pissed.

Hard to believe that, in less than 3 months, I went from dream-death & stuck in a 7-year rut, to big opportunities & dreams underway.

85 days, 12 weeks, 2000 hours.  That’s it. That’s all it took.

Sooooo, 7 years of my life I spent “stuck”, waiting for something to push me forward, waiting for “the answer” to be delivered & show me the way out of the career cul-de-sac & on to my dreams. Alllllll those years I wasted. Waiting. On something outside of me  to deliver me closer to where I wanted to be. As if dreams are time-released & it's just that simple??

7 years I waited, & in the end, 85 days is all it took to get me on my way?!

Of course, I’m beyond grateful for the head-spinning turnaround time & the awe-inspiring shift— I wouldn’t trade the journey of this year for anything. But I am equally as mad, at myself.

A word of advice, don’t do this to yourself.

Waiting = wasting.

Your dream will never come to you, until you start to move towards it.

And I know people say that things happen when they’re supposed to, & that may be true, but— who’s to say that my “when it’s supposed to” couldn’t have happened 6 years ago if I had taken action towards it then, & I could be that much further ahead now?

Maybe it could’ve. But I’ll never know, because time doesn’t let you go back, & it won’t wait on you to decide to move forward either. Time will pass regardless of whether you choose to do something with it & use it wisely or not. I did not. And depending on how much time I end up having on Earth, I’ll always know that I shorted myself out of 7 years of it. 7 years I could’ve built so many dreams with, helped other people with, made art with, written with, done who knows what with. The things I missed out on in those 7 years because of my own doing, are part of the reason why I’m now 100% hell-bent on devoting my everything to moving closer to the future that I want to create, never waiting, & never getting in my own way again.

It’s past time for time-wasting. Those years are over for me.

Now, I’m treating my time as borrowed, & I’m moving forward like there’s no tomorrow.

Because there may not be. And that’s a fact. In fact, that’s the only guarantee.

From February 2016 to now, & from now going forward—

This is my time… And it can be your time too. It’s up to you.

Waste it & wait, or take it & GO ROGUE.

Do it, while you still can.

(You never know how much "now" you have left.)

The clock is ticking, & the future is leaving.

Don’t let it leave you behind,

Because it WILL.

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