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So, who am I & what am I up to here?

I am a very creative soul who's always been obsessed with business, loves the hustle, & has an itch for making original, unorthodox things.

My transformational journey began in Feb. 2016, when I decided to disrupt my long-term rut & remodel myself in order to revive my long-lost dream & redirect my trajectory in life. I'd gotten totally disconnected from doing the things I love & I made it my mission to do whatever it took to get myself from stuck to started & headed towards the kind of future I really wanted. I had no idea how to do any of that at first, but bit by bit, with a lot of determination, change, & self-work, I started to make my way forward.

My path is a rogue path, one there's no pre-written map for. It never existed among the list of typical status-quo compliant careers presented to me as a viable option by the educational system I grew up with. So, I'm having to figure out as i go, on my own, & create it one step at a time. While my exact end-goal destination is still foggy, I do know it involves entrepreneurship & creativity, without a doubt. So my goal is to navigate myself closer to that north star.

This blog is where I document that ever-unfolding journey of creativity, of learning, of positive changes, of figuring it out as I go, & of all the insights I'm gathering along the way. I write to record what will one day be my story. But really, I write in hopes that what I'm learning might help someone else's journey, because, as I well know, it's not easy territory to navigate on your own. There's no way I would've made it through this journey without the help of the many strangers who've put their knowledge out into the world (salute GaryVee & Seth Godin, 2 big heroes of mine), so it's the least I can do to follow their lead & share my hard-earned lessons & insights as well.

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